BAYI RUBBER companies held the second quarter of 2022 work meeting and 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting

2022/04/16 09:55
BAYI RUBBER companies held the second quarter of 2022 work meeting and 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting

On April 15, BAYI RUBBER companies held the second quarter work meeting of 2022 and the summary and commendation meeting of 2021, learning and conveying the spirit of the second quarter work conference of Jujube Mining Group and Jujube Mining Rubber Company, summarizing the work of the first quarter, arranging the deployment of tasks in the second quarter and the next nine months, solemnly commending the advanced collectives and individuals emerging in the work of 2021, mobilizing the company to lock in targets, exert full horsepower, strive to complete the tasks and goals in the second quarter and the whole year, and help the company achieve losses and get rid of difficulties and sustainable development.

Ji Yuhua, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Zaomine Rubber Company, chairman and general manager of BAYI RUBBER company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that since the beginning of this year, in the face of a complex and changeable situation, the company has conscientiously implemented the work deployment of jujube mining group and jujube mining rubber company, strengthened confidence in overcoming difficulties, improved the quality and efficiency of work, and withstood the test of the epidemic and market impact in economic operation. The work in the first quarter is mainly summarized in 12 words: pragmatic action, pressure to forge ahead, and a smooth start. It shows the characteristics of relatively full energy, stable production and operation, good safety and stability, smoother work process, and more meticulous and pragmatic planning.

After comprehensively analyzing the situation at present and for some time to come, Ji Yuhua stressed the need to enhance the sense of crisis, dialectically grasp the situation, and strengthen the confidence and determination to reverse losses and extricate themselves from difficulties. Guided by the "three spirits", we will further emancipate our minds, update our concepts, focus on solving the problems of the development needs of the six "unable to keep up" companies, calmly cope with the impact and challenges brought about by the industry crisis, anchor the annual tasks without relaxing, practice internal skills, strive to catch up, and comprehensively win the battle to reverse losses and get rid of difficulties.

Ji Yuhua demanded that the path and task be clear, work hard to sprint, and comprehensively open a new situation of transformation and breakthrough. It is necessary to strengthen self-confidence in ideas, systems, and roads, make full use of a series of valuable experiences accumulated since comprehensively deepening reform, resolutely adopt extraordinary means and extraordinary measures of "one trick should be changeable, one move should be more effective," and ensure that "sales work sells benefits, material supply buys benefits, internal control and management benefits, production and operation benefits, and expenditure reduction and consumption saving benefits," and firmly grasp the initiative in all work. It is necessary to base ourselves on the present and focus on the long term, make overall plans, take into account the situation from point to point, and focus on grasping the "seven keys": First, go all out to open up the market; second, do everything possible to stabilize production; third, be sure to reduce costs and increase efficiency; fourth, take precautions to prevent and control risks; fifth, promote key work at full speed; sixth, persistently hold the bottom line; and seventh, comprehensively enhance management efficiency.

Shao Changzhong, member of the party committee of the Jujube Mineral Rubber Company, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and secretary of the general party branch of the Eight Hundred Million Rubber Company, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements for implementing the spirit of the meeting. Second, it is necessary to plan practical and hard moves, enhance the skills of officers, and promote new results in all work. Third, we must keep a sober mind, establish a solid sense of the bottom line, and comprehensively win the battle to reverse losses and extricate ourselves from difficulties.

At the meeting, Xu Yunjie, deputy general manager of Zaomine Rubber Company and BAYI RUBBER company, read out the "Decision on Commending the Advanced Collectives and Individuals of BAYI RUBBER Co., Ltd. in 2021"; Yang Shuo, deputy general manager of BAYI RUBBER Company, conveyed the "Notice on Carrying out the "Five Breaks and Five Stands" Discussion Activity".

In the warm applause and happy songs, the company's leaders presented awards to the representatives of advanced units and labor models, and took a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

Kong Desong, manager of Yihe Conveyor Belt Company, Han Guangbin, financial director, deputy chief engineer, main responsible persons of various departments and some award-winning representatives attended the meeting.

(Song Yi, Cheng Xuefeng, Liu Qiwei, Ma Deling).