Jujube Mineral Rubber Company held a second-quarter work meeting

2022/04/13 18:03
Jujube Mineral Rubber Company held a second-quarter work meeting

On April 13, Jujube Mineral Rubber Company held a second-quarter work meeting to learn and convey the spirit of the second-quarter work conference of Jujube Mining Group, summarize the work of the first quarter, arrange the deployment of the tasks of the second quarter, mobilize all levels and departments to strengthen confidence, gather consensus, seize opportunities, be pragmatic and responsible, and strive to complete the tasks and goals in the first half of the year.

Liu Yongan, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Zao Mining Group and chairman of Zao Mining Rubber Company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that since the beginning of this year, in the face of arduous and heavy reform and development tasks and the complex and changeable security epidemic situation, the company has conscientiously implemented the work deployment of the group company, scientific response, comprehensive policy, and key attacks, stabilized the basic disk, reduced the source of losses, enhanced the new momentum, and maintained a steady and orderly situation as a whole.

Liu Yongan stressed that in the face of the current severe and complex internal and external development situation, the company should not forget the sense of mission, the sense of responsibility of success, and the sense of urgency of only seizing the day, strengthen the goal guidance, adhere to the problem orientation, establish bottom-line thinking, pay attention to process control, focus on solving difficult points and blockages, grasp the initiative of the work, fight the initiative to tackle the tough problems, and accelerate the realization of the goal of reversing losses and getting rid of difficulties.

Liu Yongan demanded: First, we must strengthen our confidence and rush forward to boost our spiritual morale. It is necessary to strengthen confidence, emphasize leadership, adhere to the above leadership, be brave and take responsibility, and comprehensively display the spirit of firm confidence and high morale. Second, it is necessary to take multiple measures to make concerted efforts to improve the quality of operation. We must take the improvement of efficiency as the core task and do a good job, focus on efficiency improvement, quality improvement, and profit increase, unswervingly improve product quality, optimize product structure, promote brand building, and increase sales unit prices; focus on reducing consumption, plugging loopholes, and controlling risks, make good use of the baton of performance appraisal, highlight production cost control, reduce "three expenses", optimize the labor organization structure, strengthen source risk control, and unswervingly adhere to safe production, epidemic prevention and control, environmental protection governance, integrity, Bottom lines such as stability and rules. Third, we must implement various measures to break through the predicament and ensure self-sufficiency. Open up ideas and innovative ways, increase financing efforts, stabilize the scale of financing, and reduce financing costs. Fourth, we must promote change in a multi-pronged manner and continuously improve execution. Vigorously practice the work style of "strict, meticulous and fast", effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and execution, focus on the tasks and objectives of the second quarter, list the key tasks in detail, clarify the specific tasks, work objectives, implementation departments, responsible personnel, and completion time limits, and make all work tasks listed and project-based. It is necessary to fulfill our duties, control the process, emphasize guidance, emphasize investigation, rectify the atmosphere, and strictly evaluate, work vigorously, unswervingly fall behind, and complete all tasks and goals in the second quarter to the letter.

    Wang Yichen, secretary of the party committee of the jujube mining and rubber company, presided over the meeting, conveyed the spirit of the second quarter work conference of the jujube mining group, and put forward the requirements: First, we must resolutely implement the various work arrangements of the group company and the rubber company. Second, we must ensure that the epidemic prevention work is implemented in detail. Third, we must maintain stability and promote harmony. Fourth, we must put the building of work style in a more prominent position.

Zhou Maoyi, deputy general manager and chief engineer of ZTE High-tech Company, put forward specific requirements for improving product quality, optimizing product structure, improving profitability, optimizing labor organization, and grasping technology research and development.

The subordinate units of the rubber company reported on the production and operation in the first quarter and the work plan in the second quarter.

The meeting was held by video. Members of the leading bodies of the subordinate units of Jujube Ore Rubber attended the meeting.

(Liu Qiwei, Ma Deling  , Fu Liu , Chen Yanwu).