Suitable for trailer positions or guide wheels. Suitable for highways, national highways, provincial highways and other good road surfaces.

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Product introduction

1. Four longitudinal straight groove design, effectively preventing lateral slippage;

2. Longitudinal zigzag groove design of tread improves excellent handling performance and is safer;

3. Optimized tire pattern design, effectively reducing its rolling resistance;

4. Continuous tire shoulder design to prevent abnormal wear and have good wear resistance.


specification Pattern Level Load index Speed level Tire load
Imperial loads
Tire pressure (KPa) Inch air pressure (PSI) Standard rims Rims are allowed Driving surface width b Pattern depth
385/65R22.5 BY502L 18 158 L 4250 9370 830 120 11.75  12.25 286 15.5
20 160 K 4500 9920 900 130
24 164 K 5000 11000 900 130

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