BAYI RUBBER company and Shanting Jiaofa Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony

2022/04/16 11:04
BAYI RUBBER company and Shanting Jiaofa Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony

On March 18, BAYI RUBBER company and Shanting Jiaofa Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Ji Yuhua, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Zaoting Rubber Company, chairman and general manager of BAYI RUBBER company, Shao Changzhong, member of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection committee of Jujube Mining Rubber Company and secretary of the party branch of BAYI RUBBER company, Li Feng, deputy director of the Shanting District Government, Liu Peng, deputy secretary of the state-owned enterprise working committee of the Shanting District Committee and secretary and director of the party group of the State-owned Assets Center, and Feng Yangpan, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Shanting Jiaofa Group, attended the signing ceremony.

Liu Peng said that the strong alliance and successful signing of the contract between BAYI RUBBER and Jiaofa Group is to implement the strategic positioning of "first get the economy up, concentrate on strengthening the industry", adhere to the important achievements of "project is king, project priority", extend the industrial chain, and cultivate new growth points, hoping that the two sides of the cooperation will seize the opportunity, give full play to their own advantages, further expand the field of cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and achieve greater results. It is necessary to deepen cooperation and better serve regional development; to lead by example and highlight the mission of state-owned enterprises; to rationally layout and promote the main business to become bigger and stronger.

Ji Yuhua briefly introduced the basic situation, technology research and development, and intelligent bus products of the BAYI RUBBER company. He said that the company in line with the "reciprocal, mutually beneficial, durable, stable, efficient, high-quality" spirit of cooperation, and Shanting Jiaofa Group to establish a strategic partnership, based on the unified resource integration advantages, to obtain good social benefits and investment returns as the core, and actively emancipate the mind, innovative development, expand cooperation channels, further improve market competitiveness, achieve in-depth integration with changes in market demand, and promote high-quality development of the local economy.

Feng Yangpan introduced the basic situation of Shanting Jiaofa Group and looked forward to the cooperation prospects of the two sides. He said that the establishment of the Shanting Distribution Office has sent good technology and good products to shanting, and it is necessary to better understand the performance of the products, standardize the sales promotion words and deeds, improve the level of customer service, actively expand the sales market, create a new cooperation model, and write a new chapter of mutually beneficial and win-win development.

The two sides also visited Borreton (Shandong) New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and had in-depth exchanges on relevant issues.

The successful signing of this strategic cooperation is a solid step taken by BAYI RUBBER companies in practicing emancipation of the mind and seeking innovation. Both sides are state-owned enterprises, which has opened a new model of state-owned assets cooperation, given full play to the leading role of state-owned brands, and realized a new exploration of channel expansion and service upgrading. The company will continue to provide diversified and professional services for the majority of users through technology research and development, quality improvement, etc., and contribute to the development of the jujube ore rubber sector.

Zhao Yueyong, member of the party group and deputy director of the Shanting District Transportation Bureau, Wang Haitao, general manager of Shanting Jiaofa Group, Yang Shuo, deputy general manager of BAYI RUBBER company, and heads of relevant departments attended the signing ceremony.

(Cheng Xuefeng)