BAYI RUBBER companies held a retreat for property logistics majors to "emancipate the mind, change and seek innovation"

2022/04/20 08:30
BAYI RUBBER companies held a retreat for property logistics majors to "emancipate the mind, change and seek innovation"

On April 19, BAYI RUBBER companies held a retreat on "emancipating the mind, seeking innovation" in the conference room on the second floor of the first phase of the property logistics major.

At the meeting, the relevant responsible persons and staff representatives of the property logistics profession combined with the actual conditions of the department and the post, deeply analyzed the problems and shortcomings, and put forward the next step of work measures and direction of efforts.

Ji Yuhua, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of the Jujube Mineral Rubber Company, chairman of the board of directors and general manager of the BAYI RUBBER company, attended the meeting and made a speech. Continue to deepen the emancipation of the mind, change and innovation, solidly carry out the "five breaks and five stands" discussion activities, effectively break the "five ideas" and establish the "five kinds of consciousness", and promote the reform and development of enterprises with the great emancipation of the mind. Second, we must firmly establish the idea that "the factory is prosperous and I am proud, and the factory is in decline and I am ashamed." Closely link the fate of enterprises and personal safety, keep up with the situation of enterprise development, think of what enterprises think, be anxious about what enterprises are anxious about, dare to take responsibility for development problems, face difficulties, seek good policies, make practical moves, promote all work to see new results, make new progress, and form a community of destiny between enterprises and employees. Third, we must firmly establish the idea of centering on economic benefits. Further enhance the awareness of marketization, solidly promote the marketization of logistics services, make good use of the performance appraisal "baton", let those with high skills get more, let those who work more get more, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff and workers, improve the level of logistics services, and better serve employees. Fourth, we must give full play to the role of coordination. Continuously enhance the awareness of the overall situation and the sense of coordination, firmly establish the idea of "one family, one game of chess, one heart", strengthen cooperation and cooperation, achieve the effect of 1+1+1>3, and promote the rapid implementation of various work to achieve practical results.

Shao Changzhong, member of the party committee of the Jujube Mineral Rubber Company, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and secretary of the general party branch of the Eight Hundred Million Rubber Company, presided over the meeting and demanded that there be an idea of seizing the day. Adhere to the "fast is the opportunity", lock the goal, act quickly, grasp the implementation of various work, and make every effort to do a good job in logistics service support. We must have a sense of family and country. Treat the enterprise as a home, and carry the heavy responsibility of developing the BAYI RUBBER industry on the shoulders, grasp it in the hands, implement it in the work, and reflect it in the results. Have the courage to break through. Strive to overcome the five aspects of "small, equal, full, afraid, old" problems, continue to enhance the consciousness and courage of responsibility, and show their own value in promoting the development of the company. It is necessary to enhance service skills. Temper broad shoulders, practice real skills, and better serve the masses of workers.

Xu Yunjie, deputy general manager of Zaomine Rubber Company and BAYI RUBBER company, pointed out the problems and shortcomings of the property logistics department, and put forward specific requirements from four aspects: innovating service concepts, strengthening system innovation, improving the quality of employees, and establishing a long-term mechanism.

(Liu Qiwei, Ma Deling)